Building communities in affected areas will require not just fund and materials but also proactive support and engagement of local people. Stories inspire people. Effective storytelling will transform people’s behavior and activities. The media products that come out of the Camp will inform potential users, funders and supporters to help the building process of the place.

Build Camp

BuildCamp promotes the building process of an area by facilitating interaction between communities and subject matter experts including designers, architects, geologists, and anthropologists among others ensuring the incorporation of cultural and socio-economic aspects into the physical infrastructure construction.


BuildCamp operates in travel workshop modality where engineers, architects, urban planners along with storytellers explore local dreams of a community and help them design their dream community with the help of experts using appropriate techniques. We are starting our camp from Barpak - the epicenter of April 24 -earthquake.

BuildCamp Barpak

Barpak BuildCamp is a unique opportunity to be part of Barpak’s transformation from an earthquake-devastated, rubble-filled, emotionally and physically hurt gloomy village into a visually beautiful, economically vibrant, physically safe and strong, culturally rich, and ecologically sustainable model town. Follow Us Our BuildCamp Learning:


The transformation is a collaborative process. It requires contribution from all including architects, planners, structural engineers, NGOs, developers, local government, community members, and you. Ratatar’s present and future generation will remember you with gratitude for your contribution. Every brick you lay will count. Come, Join Us.

Add Your Place

We are organizing Camps in different places with local partners and supporters and documents the learnings in multimedia format [ video, audio, manual and mappoints ] to share for public consumption via our online platform that helps people understand, train and participate in the building process in their own place, and replicate the process or model in 20,000 earthquake affected communities.

StoryCycle is collaborating with Nepal Infopark, US Embassy of Nepal, Google, WindPower, Gorkhali Foundation and Barpak Rural Electrification (BRE) Private Limited.