During our travel towards Gorkha for the event "StoryCamp, Barpak" we stopped on the way to taste few bites of famous fish from Malekhu. Actually the fishes are brought in from Janakpur but the way they are deep fried there adds interesting flavor. 

But it is not all about fish, it is about enjoying the ambience and taking a break during long travel as well.


Why I grew tuppi, two things I protest, Journalist's wife and tuppi's effect on language. This amazing character made our hike easy and fun with all his spontaneous gags and funny presentation skill, great exercise for facial muscle :D Without him our hike to Devichaur this Saturday would've been pickle without salt and lemon!

Chinnamasta Bhagawati (छिन्नमस्ता भगवती) is one of the famous temples of Eastern Nepal. It is situated in Chinnamasta VDC, Saptari, 10 km from Rajbiraj and also near to Indian Border. This Temple is a main attraction for Nepal and Indian Pilgrims. Mr. Mahakant Thakur, the chairperson of the Sakhara Peeth talks about the present situation of the temple, and what can be done to to preserve and attract more tourists to the location.

Saurav Dhakal, modern storyteller brings the stories from different places after completion of 100 days saga from east to west Nepal along Great Himalayan Trail, Climate Smart Celebrity Trek.
Saurav, also a climate champion from British Council travels along with Apa Sherpa (21 times Everest summiteer ) Dawa Steven Sherpa (2 times Everest summiteer and Entrepreneur) Samir Jung Thapa (Professional Photographer) to explore people, culture, opportunities and challenges along the route.
The Program was supported by Himalayan Climate Initiative, SNV, Asian Trekking, ICIMOD and multitude of organization working along development and Climate change issues.
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