Heaven on Earth is not just a cliche, after Rara

Posted on 21 October in Lifestyle

Rara Lake is the biggest lake of Nepal. It lies in Rara Village Development Committee, Mugu District in Western Nepal and falls under the Rara National Park. Rara, a clean high altitude lake at an elevation of 2990m ringed by pine and forests and show capped himalayan peaks is the main attraction of Rara National Park.

Great Himalayan Trail - Storyteller's Story

Posted on 21 October in Travel, Climate Change

Saurav Dhakal, modern storyteller brings the stories from different places after completion of 100 days saga from east to west Nepal along Great Himalayan Trail, Climate Smart Celebrity Trek. Follow Saurav for more stories and insight on the event.

Sakhara Peeth - the story of Chinnamasta

Posted on 21 October in Travel, Climate Change

Chinnamasta Bhagawati (छिन्नमस्ता भगवती) is one of the famous temples of Eastern Nepal. Mr. Mahakant Thakur, the chairperson of the Sakhara Peeth talks about the present situation of the temple, and what can be done to to preserve and attract more tourists to the location.

An account of Ramesh "the 14th" Timilsina

Posted on 21 October in Travel, Climate Change

Why I grew tuppi, two things I protest, Journalist's wife and tuppi's effect on language. This amazing character made our hike easy and fun with all his spontaneous gags and funny presentation skill, great exercise for facial muscle :D Without him our hike to Devichaur this Saturday would've been pickle without salt and lemon!

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Rara Lake Nymph of Heaven

28 Jul 2014

Deep blue lake, coniferous forest around, highland above and snow capped himalayan range in the top, a blend of unbelievable beauty and boundary people often compare it with Nymph of Heaven.